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Sad Dreams

I awoke one night with a feverish brow,
A dream was what awakened me, I can't remember it now.

Whatever it was, it scared me so
On my face, surely my fear did show.

The dream, I remember it now, was so very sad
It began so beautiful, who knew the outcome would be bad.

A child, innocent and sweet, so eager to learn,
Being subjected to things, no where to turn.

Little emotions, being put to the test
To handle it, she was trying her best.

Alone, in doubt, no one there to advise,
She fights the battle, no one by her side.

Too many times a child is alone,
She has a house but is seldom home.

God give them the strength to hold on
And assure these babes they are never alone.

©Prudence Menier 1999

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