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shining starsHearts Of Loveshining stars
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Lost in a sea of emotions,
Confusion clouds the mind,
At times I question my devotion,
I feel like I need so much time.

Time that I don't have to spare,
I need to focus on what is at hand.
I have to do the right thing, show no despair,
I have to do all I can.

God give me the strength to keep going and to fight,
I need the power to prevail,
God help me along, show me the light.
Help me so that I don't fail.
© Prudence Menier 1999

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shining stars Little children are the most lovely flowers this side of Eden.
       --Rev. Dr. Daviesshining stars

shining stars Oh, the laugh of a child, so wild and so free, is the merriest sound in the world for me!--Isabel Athelwoodshining stars

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