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      Welcome Ghouls and Guys
               You are all welcome
               to my haunted house.


               I LOVE Halloween!!!


               Doing the Halloween Boogie!!


Lightning StrikesOn a dark and scary night, in a home all alone
A young girl sits. Trick or treaters have come and gone
She watches tv as the night goes by.
The later it gets, so scared she wants to cry.

She knows on Halloween night, stories are told
About the strange happenings this night has to hold.
She hears a noise from upstairs it comes
To the gun cabinet, scared, she runs.

Out comes her only means of defense
She is scared, not holding any pretense,
She runs to the light and quickly turns it off
The television still plays, suddenly she hears a cough.

It sounds like one of the kids, so she runs to see
Not knowing upstairs what on earth it could be.
The kids are soundly sleeping, it couldn't have been them.
What did she hear, could it have been him??

She tiptoes to the window, to see if movement comes,
Nothing moves outside, should she stay or should she run??
The night is so black, no porchlights like before.
Suddenly she hears a rap on the door.

She glances at the clock, noticing the time
The Millers were supposed to be home by nine,
She goes to the kitchen window and peers out to see,
Who was out there?? Who could it be??

When all of a sudden, the garage door slides down,
She knew the Miller's were going out of town
It wasn't quite the time they were supposed to be back
What could this noise be that was giving her a panic attack?

Then all of a sudden a shadow crosses the window,
Scared lifeless she did not know where to go
To the closet she went, hiding and afraid of what might be,
"We're home early Samantha" shouted Mr Miller, "Oh" she said
"You scared the life out of me!!!"

By Prudence Menier © 2000
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