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To Distant Hearts
This page is being created for the pain
and hurt that all non custodial parents
feel when going through the agony of
not being able to see their children.
It is also dedicated to the children
going through this emotional upheaval.

Distant Hearts
Loving those who are not near
    Small hearts that long for love
To speak of that love to others is their fear
    Lord, only you can assure them from above.

Our hearts are empty and filled with despair
    We don't know where to turn
Or how to let them know how much we care
    How much for them our hearts yearn.

They are only little children, taught to hate.
    Hate a family that loves them so
Their peaceful days are coming, I cannot wait
    Until their little emotions are free to flow.
by Prudence Menier
guardian angel Guardian angel, watch over my babies
and these pages, so they may never
be hurt in any way.
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