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         Welcome to my world of Christmas


Ahh, Christmas, my favorite time of year.
A time for reflection, family, friends,
and the remembrance of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ.


Why don't you grab a cup of eggnog and
travel with me?? Through time and space
into the old days. When Christmas wasn't
so commercialized and things were simple?


Santa Once upon a Christmas
There was a lonely child
He was so sweet and quiet
His temperament so mild.

Long were the days
Time went by so slow
The nights were even worse
Those were when he was really low.

No one to tuck him into bed
No one to kiss away the fears
No one to chase away his monsters
No one to kiss away his tears.

Then one day his world changed
And out of the darkness he came
His days were filled with love
His loneliness never was the same.

He had a mommy to kiss him
And a daddy to teach him things a boy should know
A brother and sister to play with
And no longer did he feel low.

The morning of Christmas came
And he came down the stairs
Seeing the tree with all the gifts
Not a wood floor that was bare.

They had Christmas dinner with friends all around
They celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ
A family they were, all together on this day
Finally his life was perfect and right.

©Prudence Menier


Decorating the tree....Trimming the tree
Hanging Stockings for Santa To Fill...Stockings hung...

And the birth of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ...
          Jesus' Birth

I am praying that all of you
have a blessed Christmas and that
the New Year brings you the best
of life. God Bless You All!!!


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